“Praise invariably implies a reference to a high standard.”

— Aristotle —

We hired Kurt Dubbe of Dubbe Moulder Architects to design our house near Jackson, WY. Kurt did an amazing job of assessing our tastes and incorporating them into his plans for the house. His approach was very client friendly and he was completely receptive to making multiple iterations that suited our needs. Because of Kurt’s creativity we now have a Western style home that takes advantage of the many Teton views but is also very cozy with a pragmatic floor plan. Throughout the process, Kurt was a complete partner with us. This was the first house we have built (and probably the last) and I can without reservation recommend Kurt and DMA. In total, the project met every major deadline and was spot on budget and we could not be happier with the final product!

Bernie W.

Chris has a sixth sense about what you want your house to look like. After a few discussions and providing some examples of what we had in mind, Chris’s first floor plan and exterior captured almost exactly what we wanted. Being that in sync with your clients is a gift. And when we got to building, Chris’s background in construction sure helped smoothly resolve the questions that invariably come up with the builder. The entire process, from beginning to end, was collaborative. It was not Chris’s project. It was not the builder’s project. It was a project among partners. Partners who respected each other and enjoyed working together. And a side benefit has been the friendship we developed with Chris and Jolene. I still stop by Chris’s office to visit and occasionally have lunch and Chris gets to check on the house when we have them over for dinner.

J. Harris

Dubbe Moulder Architects met with my husband and me to fully discuss the home we planned to build in Jackson. This house had been a dream of ours for many years. Chris Moulder listened to our preferences concerning the design of the home and then drew up the plans. He included an increased number of windows to bring in more natural light, additional square footage of decking to provide more outdoor space, and eleven foot ceilings in the Great Room. He designed the house to take full advantage of the incredible views with almost every room enjoying a mountain view. We are thrilled with the attention to detail Chris provided, and the house inside and out exceeded our expectations! The house was designed to provide bedroom suites with each including a private bath. A number of friends and family members have visited us in Jackson and have enjoyed having their own private accommodations. Many, many thanks to Chris and Dubbe Moulder Architects for turning our dreams into reality. This is a special place our family and friends will enjoy for years to come!

Renay D.

Highly professional, creative, responsive and great to work with. They listened to our needs/wants & provided superb service & ideas. We remodeled and built a new addition, went from 3400 to 6800 sq. ft. with amazing views, efficient/effective space that is comfortable & stunning. We couldn't be happier and our guests are always blown away by the beautiful design and utility of our home. You can't go wrong with Dubbe Moulder on your team.

Susan Dong

I had an incredible experience working with Chris Moulder on the design of my house. He was more than willing to incorporate details that were important to me while ensuring that the overall design remained cohesive and unique. Thanks to Chris’ skills, my house, which is sited between two other homes but looks out over open space, feels very private as its focus is almost entirely towards the open space. It is a very livable house—bright and warm—and it has a lovely contemporary feel. All in all, Chris designed a house that works with the land it sits on and is perfectly suited to me, the client.

Amy S.


Chris Moulder was the architect for a major remodel of our Jackson Hole home. He was superb! He spent personal time with us to understand how we intended to use the new space and worked with us every step of the way to design a house which uniquely fits our needs. He suggested a wonderful contractor. Three years later, we are still in love with our new house and are good friends with both Chris and the contractor. We would recommend both to anyone without hesitation.

J. & P. Greene

Chris and his colleagues were responsive to our comments, timely in meeting their schedule commitments, collaborated with us as challenges occurred, helped with making decisions to help control the budget, provided assistance selecting the contractor, supported construction by working with contractor to solve site related issues, and provided reviews of construction progress.
We recommend Dubbe Moulder Architects without reservation for any construction project, whether a renovation like ours or a new design build project.

Jo Ann W.

I needed remodel advice and was referred to Chris Moulder. He promptly came to my house, talked to me about my concerns, came up with a plan, and modified it based on my input. At one point, he came back to the home to advise the builder on yet another modification. He and Jolene are courteous and kind to deal with. I found Chris to be extremely detail oriented, as well. You couldn’t find a nicer man to work with!

Sheila S.

Due to a bad water damage accident, our home at Spring Creek needed to be largely gutted and rebuilt – all while we were most often 2100 miles away in New Jersey. We continue to appreciate the creative suggestions and solutions Dubbe Moulder brought to our project, as they offered us new ways to think about the challenges and opportunities before us.

Leading the project from the outset, the firm worked seamlessly with our contractors, neighbors and community oversight parties. Kurt and his staff listened well, kept in touch throughout, offered advice when asked and perhaps more importantly, when needed. We are grateful that the ideas flowed both ways, with encouragement and a critical view at each turn.  

The end result is a much improved and refreshed home, maximizing our views and location as never before, all while remaining the inviting, warm and comfortable retreat we’ve loved for the last 40 years.

Robin and Paul

In working with Kurt Dubbe to conjure my dream home from the house in my head, I learned to appreciate the many-sided talent and expertise a master architect must possess. Starting with location, location, location, Kurt sited the house and the access driveway on a challenging, sloping site. He navigated the county regulations and intricate approval process, and seemed to regard these hurdles as a prod to creative thinking. He was my representative in dealing with the contractor (a considerable challenge). His background in historic preservation and classical design from years with the Allan Greenberg office meant he and I were in sync on layout and room proportions for this contemporary building rooted in Palladian style. He had the management skills to collaborate with an interior architect I admired. He also collaborated with me, so that the house really is my home. As a friend said when she saw it, “It’s so you.”

As a final flourish, Kurt designed the 350 ft long stone mural that also functions as a retaining wall along the driveway. A shallow creek meanders through the southern end of Jackson Hole and traces a looping course through the reeds. It’s a sight that pleases me every time I descend from the house to the valley floor. I suggested to Kurt, “What if Flat Creek meandered along this wall?” He ran with the idea, and when the time came for the stone masons to execute his design, he was on a ladder outlining it with spray paint.

At my age, I probably won’t be building another house. If I were, I would go back to Kurt.

Margot W.